Wednesday, 16 August 2017

August: Summer Time

Summer has hit, and when I say Summer, I of course mean rain and winds! Saturday we were lucky enough to have a day off from the rain and able to sit in CD gardens - always wonderful to sit and sew, chat and laugh among the wonderful surroundings.

It was a productive day for all:

A quick show and tell from CD - a gift received a few years ago - finished and looking amazing, it did however make the rest of us question where we had put ours, and we really should get them finished!

CD working on a commission for Christmas gifts - always exciting when people  like your 'makes' enough to purchase them.

HW working on sewing boxes for her Mum's quilting show, to be sold for Charity. Such beautiful colours.

CB trying hard to complete a project started back in 2012 (I know, I know....) nearly there. First and last attempt at a large cross stitch.

HS putting the finishing touches to a baby quilt - looking wonderful - great colours.

AB continuing to hook herself a blanket.

At the end of the day, progress had been made by all....

Lunch was amazing as always - it's funny how we always dig in before remembering to take a picture.  Again gone before the camera left the pocket......

Monday, 5 June 2017


Three go wild in Croydon....sorry Shirley.  Car loaded off we headed to pastures new. Our meeting held at HT this month.

A good catch up first, with tea and biscuits and a look round H's wonderful garden. The sky is blue and the sun is warm.

Show and Tell first, finished projects by CD.

Monthly crochet project finished by HW

And, finally on with our UFO!

A wall hanging, which had a major design change - becoming a garden table cover. Wonderful colours.

A wedding gift from HW, final decisions on how to finished - stuff with wadding or lavender, were discussed

Foundation pieces being made for demonstration purposes by CD.  One much easier than other. Decision made perhaps not to do foundation piecing again!

Lunch in the garden, with some beautiful blooms.

And the biggest flan I have ever seen!! ;)

A great day, yes you are right only three projects, I forgot to photograph mine lol! Sandown next month for those who are free.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Big Birthday Bash

With one QQ having a big '0' birthday, we wondered if we could make it extra special with an overnight-er at the coast........ after many, many emails - it wasn't until two weeks before the 'event' that we were all sure we would pull it off!!

So with a bucket and spade, some sewing/hooky and several bottles of Prosecco we actually managed two nights. A productive day of sewing, laughter, drinking and a very enjoyable curry!

So what do you get someone for a big '0' birthday - somewhat of a tradition now - handmade quilted cushions of course......


We cracked open the first bottle at lunch time.... if fact two bottles..... most unusual as we all drive to the venue normally but the cars were not moving so why not!!

Cheers...... don't be fooled by the sunshine - if you look closely we had to wear our coats for lunch!!! Happy Birthday HT - hope you enjoyed your day!

We have three birthdays in April - as we didn't all make it to the last meeting we decided to hold fire with the gifts so it was very much like Christmas day for all concerned. H couldn't decide if this was a hanging basket or new headgear for sorting the bees.....

Cake, of course, was required.......along with a catch up with EL. Always great - the US doesn't seem so far with Face-time.

And our day wouldn't be complete without our projects.....



The weekend was finished with a VERY windy walk on the beach Sunday morning.....nothing more wonderful that being blown across the shoreline!!! Maybe again sometime (soon) !!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Best Laid Plans

We were hoping for a full house with six group members in attendance this month. However, life got in the way and we ended up with three of us making the meeting, one face time visit and TWO birthday cakes. Best laid plans eh!

We had planned to celebrate CD and HW birthdays this month as HT has a biggish one next month and we wanted something special - watch this space? With only half of us able to attend, we decided to open the presents next month when, hopefully, there will be more of us to share the experience.

Well what have we been up to? CB has been finishing UFO's and brought along a CAL (crochet along) granny square blanket. It is made in her signature rainbow colours with black. Some of the patterns worked up larger than others, and these blocks have been set aside for another project. The blanket looks good and is awaiting a border and blocking to finish it off.

All sewn up

One of CB's favourite squares - bobbles

Another favourite the 3D flower block

AB has been working on a small crochet blanket, bought at an exhibition as a kit. It is very pretty colours and progressing well.

Rows of trebles and treble clusters

AB also had a late birthday present from EL in the US. We all loved the flip-flop tag. This will be keeping AB's water chilled when walking, or perhaps the wine!

Insulated bottle bag

CD had helped out at Olympia on the Quilters Guild stand and brought home six sets of blocks to make up into small quilts for Project Linus. Two were having borders added, the other four were ready to be backed and quilted.

Project Linus blocks from Olympia

CD had also made a crochet shawl  (pattern from the Crochet Project) and finished a Moorland blanket CAL by Lucy at Attic24.

'Your Mileage May Vary' shawl
Moorland blanket
Lunch was minestrone soup and bread with pear crumble and custard for dessert. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the crumble, too busy eating it!

Minestrone soup

After lunch we had a go at an improvised light box for transferring quilting designs. It worked quite well for a glass panel and a clip-on lamp. It did need two people to work.

Improvised light box
Well after all that hard work we needed tea and birthday cake, not one but TWO. It would have been rude not to have a piece of both and we don't like to be rude when it is homemade cake.

Orange drizzle cake

Iced jam sponge
Absolutely delicious, we do love a birthday. Another productive day spent with like minded friends, such fun.